Telescoping Camera Crane

Telescoping Camera Crane

Black Dog Jibs NY, LLC – Leading Provider of TehnoJibs Rentals in NYC, New York


Bring together a spectacular performance with top-of-the-line camera support equipment in New York through Black Dog Jibs NY, LLC. Our jib rentals and support services include a selection of Techno Jibs T24, a telescoping jib arm that provides the highest quality technocrane movement. This arm easily and smoothly maneuvers into inaccessible areas and is capable of retracting and expanding at fast speeds. Also, these technojibs for rent in NYC offer feather-light and accurate movement ultimately rendering effortless handling.


With our New York technojibs, you’ll have the functionalities of fixed arm remote jibs and crane arms and the addition of a remarkable telescoping arm from 9-24 ft at a smooth 5 feet per second movement. This extra reach enables shooting capabilities that previously only a technocrane could achieve. Having a payload of 50 lbs, other options could be easily mounted on dolly track. Our technojib rentals in NYC also includes a soft stop feature which guarantees an automatic smooth stop at either end of the telescopic travel.
Every technojib we offer comes with a Mitchell Mount adapter and can conveniently
accommodate most remote heads, whether under-slung or over-slung.


Other features include:


» Customizable operator interface specially engineered with input from the best crane and jib operators in the industry.
» When fully retracted, the Techno-Jib can easily be wheeled about the set.
» Its Telescopic Dolly has a powered telescopic post that adds more versatility with 16" of smooth, quiet vertical travel.
» Able to support most any camera in the industry. Supporting to the largest of the 35mm cameras, ARRI ALEXA, RED to most all other full-frame cameras and broadcast High Definition (HD) cameras to date. We also offer custom rigs, which support even the smaller size cameras including EOS/DSLR.
» Our custom HD jibs have five HD BNCS with speeds up to 4.5 gigahertz internally run through the harness leading to a 15" HD Marshall Monitor and four other device choices.
» With the form monitor accessory, an HD waveform/vectorscope is added to your package providing incredible accuracy of video levels during production.
» The operators we supply must have 20+ years experience operating camera cranes on high-end productions.


Telescoping Camera Crane



Maximum height
Maximum reach
Minimum reach
Minimum total arm length
Maximum speed (telescopic movement)
Maximum load
Weight of arm

25FT (7.6m)
24FT (7.3m)
9FT (2.7m)
15.5FT (4.7m)
5FT per second
50lbs (21.3 kilograms)
430 lbs. (200 kilograms)


Get the best camera support equipment your production truly deserves! Book our New York Technojibs for your next big project today. For inquiries on our NYC jimmy jib and techno jib rentals, simply contact us at +1 718.974.4770.